The Suzuki Method

Ottawa Suzuki Strings’ philosophy revolves around Talent Education, which is patterned after the natural learning which occurs as a child learns to speak his/her native tongue. This method of learning and the man who created it, Dr. Suzuki, changed the direction of musical instruction for thousands of children around the globe. Dr. Suzuki included and believed in the following tenets among his educational ideas:

    • A very early beginning is encouraged (as early as two years old in some cases).
    • Parents attend lessons with the child and serve as the home teacher in practice.
    • The child’s environment is enriched with lots of music for the child to hear daily.
    • Skills are divided into the smallest possible steps, each of which is mastered through repetition.
    • Skills are accumulated in a “building block” principle.
    • The approach is positive and encouraging.
    • Repertoire is accumulated much like vocabulary and is maintained, through review.
    • An environment is established that encourages each child to work to his own potential rather than to compete.
    • Music reading is taught, but delayed until ear training has taken place and basic playing skills are set.


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