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"Absolutely Ottawa!" Teacher Courses   2018


Violin Book One 

Eight day, 28 hour course )

This course has a minimum of 28 class hours (100% attendance required in order to register the class with the Suzuki Association of the Americas) and a minimum of 15 hours of observation of student lessons.

Dates:   Sunday, June 3 - noon on Sunday, June 10, 2018


Sunday, June 3

  1:30 - 2:00 p.m.                   Teachers pick up packets

  2:00 - 5:00 p.m.                   Opening Class Session with Susan Kempter, SAA Trainer

  5:30    Supper

  6:45   Orientation

  7:30   Play-In: All Instruments

* Classes will finish on Sunday, June 10th  by noon.


Ottawa University 

1001 South Cedar

Ottawa, KS 66067


Registration Fee = $50


plus Tuition  = $600 on or before March 31st

Tuition = $650   April 1st  - May 1st

Registration is now closed.

If audition videos are not accepted by SAA, tuition will be refunded. 


Suzuki Association of the Americas
Teacher Trainer

Training Prerequisites

To take Suzuki teacher training, teachers must be Active members of the SAA.  

Important Information for Teachers

                                SAA Violin Book 1

A part of the SAA's mission is to provide high quality music education via the Suzuki Method. The SAA has formulated requirements to ensure quality standards in teacher training, and after course completion, to make possible the recognition of such training. The SAA considers the teacher training courses to be a professional level of pedagogical study. Thus, implementing this mission requires, in addition to enforcing SAA standards for training course content, that applicants meet general minimum standards in the musicianship and professionalism prior to enrolling in a training course. An application process is now in place for those wishing to take short-term Suzuki teacher training courses. Applicants many take SAA unit courses as a participant or auditor. To qualify as a participant, an applicant must fulfill the following three pre-course requirements:

      I. All applicants are required to complete the six hour "Every Child Can!©  - An introduction to Suzuki Education" course prior to     

      taking any further teacher training.

      II. All registrants for Teacher Courses must be a member of the SAA prior to the start of the course.

      III. All who wish to have the status of participant rather than auditor should make a videotape application to the SAA. Up to date 

      information is available at

Audition Requirement

To qualify as a participant in Suzuki teacher training courses, applicants must submit a DVD video audition to the SAA, prior to course start date.  DVDs for Unit 1 courses must be submitted *10 days prior* to the course start date, with the required fee and a completed application form.  Audition videos will be accepted late by SAA for the Absolutely Ottawa! Teacher Training. A discounted Audition Fee applies if audition is submitted 8 weeks or more before the course start date.  If submitted within 8 weeks of the course start date, the regular audition fee will apply.

Auditions for all other Unit Training Courses must be submitted and approved by course start.  A discounted Audition Fee applies if audition is submitted 8 weeks or more before the course start date.  If submitted within 8 weeks of the course start date, the regular audition fee will apply.

Audition processing takes approximately 2 weeks, if submitted online.  Auditions submitted early have the advantage of an optional retry (with fee) within the stated deadlines if the first audition was not accepted. If auditions are not accepted, course work will not be eligible for SAA registration - even if course work was completed.  

For further information, please see the SAA website "here":, call the SAA toll free 1-888-378-9854, and/or click "here": to go to the SAA's Audition Guide.

Required Course Preparation

All teacher training participants are asked to prepare the repertoire to be studied to the point of fluent performance.  Memorization is not required but is recommended.  Additionally, participants should be conversant with the ideas presented in Dr. Suzuki's book, Nurtured by Love.

All participants will be performing in class and are expected to provide their own instruments.  It is recommended that participants bring an audio recorder and a notebook to all sessions.  100% attendance is required for registering the course.