Ottawa Suzuki Strings

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   1. Record your performance and upload it to your computer. Title your video with your name and camp.

   2. Sign into Dropbox Youtube or other video sharing service. You will need to create a free account if you do not have one.  

   3. Click Upload.

   4. Select the file that you'd like to upload from your computer.

   5. Click done when your video upload is complete.  If you video file is very large, you may need to download a   

        desktop application for free to upload the large file.

   6. Next, you will see your list of uploaded files. Click Share on the right side of the file you want to send. 

         You are ready to share your video with Ottawa Suzuki Strings.

   7. Send your video performance to  

        * Be sure to test your links before sending.

    8Please provide information regarding your audition video in the message box provided.

         ( example: John Smith SOLO RECITAL AUDITION, Jane Smith BLYAP )

         If you would like your video to be considered for more than one audition, please  

         state so in the message box.  ( example: John Smith MASTER CLASS  and SOLO  AUDITION )

AUDITION CDs  ( pianists only )

Advanced pianists have the option of sending in a video  (please see above) or a CD audition.  

If you choose to send in a CD, please label your CD clearly 
( example: John Smith SOUND ENCOUNTERS piano audition, Jane Smith French Connection II piano audition ).

Mail your CD  to Ottawa Suzuki Strings allowing time for it to be received at our office on or before May 13, 2017.

Please mail your CD to:
Ottawa Suzuki Strings
P. O. Box 99
Ottawa, Kansas  66067