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Absolutely Ottawa! 2017 Student Camp Payment Page

* * IMPORTANT:  Registration is now closed.

Complete the camp registration forms for each child and print the forms before you begin the Payment Process. A white confirmation page will follow once you click the registration Submit button. Scroll up on that page to read the confirmation message. Please refer to your registration forms to complete your payment. 

You can add items to your PayPal cart, view your cart, and  pay for all camp registrations at one time on this page.

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Institute Tuition Fee

Graduation Fee

Audition videos and fees accepted through May 15th. Please submit videos online.

This payment is for:
This payment is for:

A Sound Start! (Birth to Three)

Sound Adventures: (Early Childhood for Ages 4-10)

A Sound Start!
This payment is for:
Sound Adventures
This payment is for:

Sibling Course Fee:

If purchasing more than one sibling class, list child's name and click Add to Cart once for each desired course. OSI staff cannot guarantee class availability but will try to honor preferences. Refunds will be provided if we are not able to coordinate availability with the choices on your registration form.

Sibling Class
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New Beginners Course Fee:

New Beginners Parent Seminars
List parent's & child's names:


If purchasing more than one t-shirt, please select shirt size and click Add to Cart  for each extra t-shirt you desire to purchase. 

Reminder: Camp participants will receive a t-shirt with registration.


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