Ottawa Suzuki Strings

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Please check back March 1st for 2018 information.
BLYAP 2018 will June 18-30th

Brian Lewis Young Artists Program  

The Brian Lewis Young Artists Program  BLYAP  is made possible through the generosity of the Dorothy Richard Starling Foundation.

June 18 - June 30th, 2018

The BLYAP is a tuition-free opportunity for twelve highly gifted violinists up to the age of 18 to receive intense daily private instruction on concerto repertoire, show pieces, sonata literature, etudes and technical studies, solo Bach, and Ysaye Solo Sonatas; to rehearse with both piano and as soloist with orchestra; and to perform.

BLYAP Gala Concert 

Join us for BYLAP on the beautiful campus of Ottawa University.

     BLYAP  Online  Application  Requirements        

All audition materials are due on or before .

*  Application form 

*  List of repertoire being studied

    (List names of pieces, movements, composers, 

     scale books, and technical studies being used)

*  Letter of recommendation from the student’s 
     private teacher

 Application fee of $45.00 

*  Audition Video including student's performance of:

      1.  A movement of a Bach Solo Sonata or Partita

      2.  A movement of any standard concerto 

      3.  A show piece